How do I work?

From meeting to an awesome product in 7 steps


A little bit of sugar, no milk. And before ten oclock in the morning an extra big cup. We will meet, you tell me about your company, what you want and what you like. I’ll explain the options, and what I can do for you.



I’ll put everything we’ve discussed into perspective and calculate a good price. Do you have any questions regarding what is and isn’t included? Now is the time to ask those questions. Once the quote has been approved, I’ll get started.



On grounds of the input you deliver, I’ll make a Web design in Photoshop. Would you like to have yellow letters in front of a bright red background? I wouldn’t recommend that. But I’ll be happy to make other changes to the design.



The nerdy stuff begins! I’ll convert the design into CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and other code that together will form a working website. You can follow the entire process through a development link, in this way your current website can stay online.



Does Tatof also design your printed matter? I’ll sent you the design of the business cards, envelopes and/or flyers to be approved. After approval I’ll send the designs to the presser and they will deliver the printed matter at your doorstep.


Finishing touch

Time for the finishing touch. An image that still needs some change, shortening a sentence, adding the right contact information, and more final adjustments. A final check by you and then the website goes live.


Awesome product

Now your new website is live, congratulations! However, if you still want some adjustments after a while or order some printed matter? Feel free to contact me and I’ll do it for you. Just as simple as that.

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